Why lash cleaning is important for your lash extensions

Sep 09, 2023Anna Timonina
Why lash cleaning is important for your lash extensions
Let’s talk about lash cleansing and why it is important for anyone getting lash extensions. Previously, there was a myth that after getting lash extensions, you need to avoid cleaning your lashes for least 24 hours for the glue to stick. Some people avoid washing their lashes not only for 24 hours but also in general. They’re scared to get the lashes wet.

Lash application is done on very clean hair. If you have any dead cells or oils on your lashes, the application will be tampered. Your lashes will fall out more quickly if you put them on unclean lashes. So, it is a good idea that you wash your lashes.

These days, the glue formula has improved, so you only have to wait around 2 hours before you wash your face. In fact, given the benefits that you get, it is actually suggested that you should wash your lash extensions after this waiting period. Why?

Lash application is done using glue, and while they can be applied in the most sanitized manner, what do most clients do once the process is done? They go out. This can expose them to dust and air pollution. Dust can stick to your glue. By washing your lashes, you can remove this dust and keep your lashes clean.

Do you feel itchiness or slight irritation after your lashes have been applied? Then washing them is a good idea. After the two hour wait period, you can gently cleanse your lashes to remove the feeling of irritation. Never rub your eyes as that can damage your new lashes. Irritation can occur if you’re getting them done for the first time.

Our body produces natural oils for our hair, including our lashes. This can accumulate on your lashes. Additionally, if you use makeup and other products, there can also be residue, which collects on your lash extensions. This can shorten the life of your extensions and make them more likely to fall out.

So, wash your lashes on a daily basis, avoid using oil-based makeup products or face products, and you will be good to go

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