How to find models for your photo shoots

Sep 09, 2023Anna Timonina
How to find models for your photo shoots
SO HOW TO FIND MODELS FOR YOU PHOTO SHOOTS? 👇👇👇 As I promised, I continue to share my experience since I know it’s a hot topic for many of you❤️ So, how to arrange photo shoot if you are on a budget👛

Find a model!
Here are a few secrets:

You can always contact local model agencies and see if they have new models who needs a portfolio! Most likely you will need to remove lashes after the photo shoot🤷🏻‍♀️ Usually I just go on social media platforms and search for the local photographers, I look thru all the models and clients who are tagged and then contact the one I like. ❗️It is Better if the person is not a professional model❗️
It will be much easier to make her work with you🌟

Ask around and see if any of your clients or friends have a younger sister or a cousin. I worked with a few!👯‍♀️ 💡search for local bloggers! This works both ways as you also get the exposure at their page to their followers!
Remember- this is your content and your ideas, be firm about your vision when offering a collaboration to a blogger. 💡 use local # in IG To find beautiful girls and DM them RIGHT AWAY! Do not wait! Many will not reply or say no to you, But ❗️it is part of the process, don’t take it personal, It’s totally fine, just keep contacting📩 💡go through FACEBOOK LOCAL GROUP PAGES- contact anyone who can be a potential model for you. GOOD LUCK!

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