Practice face



We are proud to offer you the most innovative and realistic skins available in the market.

Our face mannequin skins will feel so real for shaping and practicing your hand posture on a face. Unlike traditional mannequins, these skins replicate the feel and movement of real skin. This provides you with a more authentic and realistic practice experience, helping you to hone your skills to perfection.

One notable feature of our face mannequin skins is their ability to take pigment slow , which give imprison of real skin ( because of the material what we use) While this may make the process of implanting pigment slightly more challenging compared to standard regular practice skin, it ultimately enhances your practice experience. By working with these skins, you will develop a better understanding of pigment implantation techniques and improve your overall precision.

Investing in our face mannequin skins will undoubtedly elevate your training to a whole new level. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced professional aiming to refine your expertise, our realistic skins will be an invaluable tool in your journey.

Browse through our selection and choose the perfect face mannequin skin that suits your needs. With our high-quality products, you can practice with confidence, giving yourself a crucial edge in the world of permanent makeup and other related fields.

Start achieving the results you desire and take your skills to the next level with our Face Mannequin for Practice Permanent and Up On Use. Place your order today, and experience the difference our innovative skins can make in your training!

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