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Do you want to have a new career or get your permanent make up skills to the next level ? Our comprehensive training program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to offer your clients one-of-a-kind experiences and results with unique European techniques. With our PMU course, you'll gain expertise in the latest “Feather brows” technique that's taking the beauty industry by storm!


How Our Powder Brow Training Works

Our Unique 3-Step Training Process for Maximum Success

Our Powder Brow Training isn't just about the in-class experience. We've designed a comprehensive 3-step process to ensure you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the world of permanent makeup.

Step 1: Online Preparation (3 Weeks)
You'll receive exclusive online preparation materials before you even arrive for in-person training. These resources cover the fundamentals of powder brows, color theory, and industry essentials, laying a strong foundation for your learning.

This proven approach has helped thousands of students come to class ready to absorb advanced techniques, making the most of their valuable in-person training time.

Step 2: In-Person Training (2 Days)
Dive deep into the art and science of ombre powder brows during two intensive in-person training days.

You'll learn:
- Advanced ombre powder brow techniques
- Brow mapping and shaping for various face structures
- Pigment selection and color customization
- Client consultation and communication skills
- Machine handling and proper technique

Most importantly, you'll get hands-on practice with live models under the guidance of our experienced instructors.
We'll also provide professional portfolio pictures to kickstart your social media presence and attract your first clients.

Step 3: Ongoing Post-Class Support
Your learning journey doesn't end on the last day of class. We offer continued support as you start your PMU career.

We'll be there to:
- Answer your questions as you work on your first clients
- Provide guidance as you build your clientele and perfect your skills
- Help you navigate those early-career milestones