5.0 (3)

Secret Volume 5D



These are the tweezers that pass the test only for up to 8d.  Our standard for passing is 10-12d, so if you work with volume up to 8d, you can get them at discounted price.

Welcome our new “secret” collection. It was mindfully designed by lash Artist for lash artists. We know how important it is to love the product that you work with. Being a true artist starts with a true love of your tool. It’s sweeter than a sweet spot since the whole grip is a sweet spot!
The new aqua black plasma color gives a chic look to tweezers.
Each tweezer at DESEYENER® is hand-tested with 0.07 and 0.03 to make sure it works with each diameter, as well as with fans from 5D to Mega Volume.
Our secret ritual that keeps our quality high is love and care that we put in our product and in each and every single package that we send out.
If you see a fan in a tip cover when you receive it, don't freak out. It's a sign of hand testing!!!

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