Group class Russian Volume Secrets (deposit )



Russian volume perfect line

Are you ready to rock-n-roll your lashes game and start charging your worth? Say goodbye to old way of thinking and get ready to blow your mind with new way of mapping, layering and full voluminous lashes with the Russian volume perfect line technique! Designed for lash artists of all levels, our 2-day foundational class will empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to elevate your craft and take your career to a new level.

Anna Timonina, owner of the business, combines her 10 years of experience working with multiple techniques learned from worldwide trainings. Get ready to rock the lashes world and have your clients line up for your services. Your perfect lash journey starts here. Join us at DESYEENER and take the first step today!

Why is this class right for you?

If you want mentorship and not just another class, Anna, originally from Russia, she teach you true Russian volume technique. This will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors, build strong bonds with existing clients, and attract new loyal customers who are willing to pay any amount of money.

If you want to cover topics such as advanced mapping and lash designs, creating customized lash looks, layering, advanced placement techniques for volume lashes, and perfecting lash isolation skills. Additionally, you will learn about advanced adhesive selection, eyelash health, and safety protocols.

If you want to learn entrepreneurial skills, advanced marketing and business strategies, then this class is perfect for you. As a student, you will discover how to market yourself as an expert in the field, take stunning photographs, and run a successful lash business. You will also learn the art of client relations, pricing, and scheduling.



What You Will Learn in This Course:
- Sell your classes
- How to create professional courses
- How to work with INSTARAM and attract students
- Create a course curriculum
- How to be confident in your knowledge
- How to speak in front of the group