Lip pigment - Сherry bomb



Color tone: Neutral/Cold

Introducing our premium permanent makeup pigment, Cherry bomb. Saturated cherry-wine like shade. 

Despite the dark shade of this pigment, Cherry occurs as a lighter cold berry-wine color on healed lips, due to the mineral base of pigment. Recommended for bright brunettes and blondies.

This pigment can be used as it is to achieve wine cold pink color or mixed with other colors to add depth to the mixture. Do not use this color for neutralization. 

Recommended color solutions:

  • Cherry bomb 1:1 sweet nectar = muted soft pink 
  • Cherry 1:1 expose = deep cold pink 
  • Cherry 1:1 Romania = soft pink

It is mineral and organic mixture that allows to achieve natural results Directions for use:

◦ Do not mix with water. To change consistency use the Thinning solution based on glycerin.
◦ Store in a room temperature environment.
◦ Do not leave product out in the sun.
◦ Has an expiration of 12 months from open date. 3-year shelf life unopened.

aqua, glycerin, pigments (CI: 77491, 77492, 77288, 73915, 12490), hamamelis extract

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