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Revolutionary lash glue that will change your retention game up to 8 weeks

Purchase the glue and receive FREE video tutorial that explains how to increase retention.

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FAST drying time 

Quick set time 0.5-1 second and to make your work easy and comfortable

Lash artist approved

1000+ artist love and use it all over the world

Long retention

Last up to 8 weeks what will with low fume

Nationwide tested and approved

Our client successful stories what speak louder then words!

Our Clients Successful Stories What Speak Louder Then Words!

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Perfect Glue That Will Change
Your Retention Game

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How it works

Our adhesive is designed by lash artists for lash artists. We spent 5 years creating a product that meets the needs for perfect lash retention. Our glue is not just any ordinary lash adhesive - it has the power to transform your lash game like never before. With the purchase of our product, you will receive an immediate email with a complimentary video tutorial on how to use it for maximum effect and discover the power of super retention.

We stand behind our quality and believe that our adhesive will deliver the results you've been looking for.

Аnd transform your
retention game today!

Why I created this product?

Simply put, I have dedicated my career to creating high-quality glue because I want to help lash artists achieve amazing results with retentions. The lash industry is constantly evolving, and I saw the need for a high-quality product that can elevate standards. This inspired me to create DESEYNER adhesive to assist lash artists in achieving remarkable outcomes and lasting results. My motivation stemmed from wanting to make a significant contribution to the lash world. With DESEYNER, you can trust us to deliver top-notch adhesives created with the artist in mind. Join us on our mission to set higher goals in the lash game.

Аnd transform your
retention game today!

Hi my name is Anna.

Hi, my name is Anna. I've been in the lash industry for over 10 years and teaching lash artists all over the USA for the last 5 years. I was looking for a product that would work for me in different environments and deliver long retention for up to 8 weeks. And I created it! It has been tested all over the globe, and over 1000+ lash artists love it!


Isabella Coleman

This adhesive has saved my life. My humidity is sometimes 25. Nothing brake your heart as much as lashing 5 lashes side by side and then having them clamp up as you isolate another lash next to it. When we spread out lashes and isolate, then fans will move and get branched up.

Isla Henderson

I'm starting practicing with Deseyener adhesive at home and slowly started using it on clients who have been with me since day 1. So I could get their opinion too and guess what It was an instant hit, my work environment changed and we moved to our new location...

Olivia Price

Thank you so much! I love the glue! I have been using it since February and my client retention is so much better than any other glue I used! I live in NY and my humidity is usually 30-60 and temperature 64-72

Lily Long

Retention is a bomb! I am obsessed with bond and chic! Both give me such good retention! I am a strong believer you need to have 2 different Adhesives in your studio to always have the best retention! And I love you have 3 ml bottle! I feel like I never waste my Adhesive and be able to have different dry times.

Ava Bennett

My Favorite adhesive ever! Thank you DESEYENER! I always thought it was me and my application, turned out I was just using the wrong adhesive, You guys changed the game for me!

Amelia Wood

I absolutely love working with Bond Adhesive and your 0.07 lashes. I always prefer faster working adhesive and Bond is perfect for my pace and my client retention has been amazing!

Jessica Ross

I'm so excited to use mine for the first one, I heard so many great reviews from many different lash artists, and heard retention was amazing.

Poppy Jenkins

No matter how well you isolated during application of the adhesive isn’t dry on the outside they will still stick to other lashes. With this adhesive, I can lash comfortably without worrying about all the stickies

Mia Perry

Chic adhesive saved me in Florida.

Sophie Powell

Its wide range of environment and lash types. It is really difficult to find good working glue, especially here in Florida, where temperatures are so high as well as humidity. But this CHIC is the best solution you can have! And retention for me is up to 8 weeks.


Anna look at my clients 3 week retention with bond glue

Ruby Patterson

Your BOND is really good, I use it till the last drop! And I never use Adhesive like that from other brands! So well created! Will keep purchasing and I love its small size!

Emily Barnes

I use your glue and love it. It is all we use in our salon.

Evie Hughes

I found my forever Adhesive! You know it is your best friend when the client coming back to you to ask if you change something? Or use something different this time. 🤣you know it is a sign! And for this reason I will stay with Deseyener!


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